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The “DREAM SET” – AB Coffee Bars have definitely “Raised the Bar” in the Industry

As consumers continue to experiment and try new coffees, AB has become the leader in C-Store coffee bar designs; known in the industry as the new “Dream Set”. In an innovative move, leading C-Store retailers are improving their coffee stations from generic coffee counters to premium brand coffee stations sorted by different flavors and blends displayed elegantly with a variety of sweetener and creamer selections.   

Allen Brothers will give you the ability to take a great step forward with your customers, building confidence and loyalty as a specialty coffee destination; especially when you add our “Coffee Loyalty Program”.  With the AB “Dream Set”, shoppers will be confident to change their daily coffee destination to your store and the category will continue to grow.

And we present; the AB “Dream Set”….. Java Classics Breakfast Blend, French Roast, and Decaf with a Good West Cream Machine!

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2



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It’s Mother’s Day! Our store owners are saying one of two things; “I am so glad I called Allen Brothers” or “I should have called Allen Brothers”.  Every husband, father, brother, son, and/or friend of a “mom” is running rampant trying to find a last-minute gift. What does every woman want? CHOCOLATE.  Stocking up on a large variety of chocolate was a good plan for this weekend.

The customers of your stores are saying the same thing as you: “My corner store sure does stock everything I need” or quite the opposite.

As a gift, the new Kit Kat Mini’s® from Hershey® are a great choice. Throw a little story behind it; Kit Kat® now has children of her own.  Kit Kat® Mommy is so nice, sweet, and smart for adding the subtle crisp of the wafers that she decided it was time to extend her family and make Mini’s.  Why not create little one’s that you can get that luxurious taste of chocolate in one BITE?”

On a serious note, Memorial Day weekend is coming up next. Make sure you are prepared with all of the last-minute things your customers will need. Make a check list starting with: Charcoal, Lighter Fluid, Paper Goods, BBQ Sauce, etc.

Check your MAY COMMON SENSE FLYER, it’s all on special!!! Sale ends May 31st.




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A Key to Success: Get Female Friendly!

Make no mistake about the state of the American economy, or should I say “She-conomy.” You may be the getting more visits in your store from the men, but it’s the women who add fat to the profit margins. This should come as no major surprise by looking sociologically at the state of the American educational system and workforce. According to Erica Orange of the online periodical World Future Society, women account for over 50% of both college students and current employees in the workforce. Additionally, thanks to their work sectors, women were less directly impacted by the economic recession than men. If you don’t immediately make the connection, this means women are controlling the purse strings more than ever!

Logic would tell you, then, that the time is right to model your business in a fashion that appeals to the female demographic. With that thought in mind, Melissa Kress of Convenience Store News recently penned an article espousing the significance of capturing the business of the female shopper. Let the Convenience Store News (CSN) chart below serve as an example of the true buying power of women, especially in high profit areas like bottled water, coffee, & foodservice.

Becoming female friendly and maintaining a reputation for it takes a lot more than just having the right products. In her article, Kress provides a few must-have qualities for any convenience store looking to win a woman’s heart:

1.) Be safe, and well lit. Nothing is more important!
2.) Be organized and clean, especially the bathroom.
3.) Offer competitive pricing (word of mouth is crucial)
4.) Provide friendly customer service, make the experience stand out
5.) Add fresh products to the mix

This is a small glimpse of a very well-written and insightful article, which I encourage any and all readers to check out. I think it’s also important to reiterate that by becoming more female friendly in terms of safety, organization, and cleanliness, you’re only helping to build a stronger relationship with your overall draw of consumers. I’ll finish by saying that regardless of gender, age, race, or any other demographic variable, an available clean bathroom is a universal path to the pocketbooks!


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Dolly Madison Zinger Variety Shipper

DID you know that every week nearly 50% of convenience store shoppers eat at least one pastry snack on-the-go? IF you didn’t, now you do and you can take advantage of this information today with a savings opportunity from Allen Brothers! The deal below is a LOW RISK opportunity to introduce pastries or expand your offering and is available now through April 27th, 2012 only through Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution.

The flavors included below are strictly the favorites: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Raspberry. With gross profit margins quoted humbly at 27%, this is a true LOW RISK, HIGH REWARD opportunity for the shrewd convenience store owners/operators who take advantage of the deal.

This shipper display can be ordered via fax, through your sales person or customer service representative, or by emailing the Allen Brothers Marketing Department with your account number and number of shipper displays you’d like to pre-book.

Zingers Variety Shipper from Dolly Madison

DOLLY Madison Zingers Variety Shiper


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Graphic Tobacco Labels Ruled Unconstitutional… For Now

We were waiting… and waiting… and waiting some more. All included in the tobacco industry were on their toes in anticipation of the follow-up from last Wednesday’s announcement that the mandate on placing graphic warning labels on tobacco products by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was unconstitutional. The proposed placement for the graphic labels was to be on the top half of the front and back of cigarette packages and 20% of print advertisements.

Graphic Warning Labels on Cigarettes

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon rules graphic warning labels unconstitutional.

There’s no question that tobacco has been, and will continue to be, a major target of government interest, but the ruling by U.S. District Judge Richard Leon in support of tobacco companies’ First Amendment rights was indeed a milestone. Essentially, Leon determined that Congress failed to consider the implications that these new labels would have on numerous tobacco companies (Lorillard Inc., R.J. Reynolds unit, Commonwealth Brands Inc., Liggett Group LLC and Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co.) rights to freedom of expression.

But you didn’t think it would be that easy, did you? Today, the other shoe dropped, as we found out from our friends at Convenience Store News that the FDA has appealed Judge Leon’s ruling and will continue to fight for inclusion of graphic warning labels on cigarettes. This is NO surprise and was heavily anticipated.

It’s difficult to anticipate where we go from here. There’s one thing that’s certain, however, and that is that this topic will remain in the headlines for a long time to come, including in presidential election speeches, healthcare debates, and constitutional protests. Buckle up folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


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Top 15 Smoking Cities

Have you ever wondered which US cities rank the highest in cigarette consumption and percentage of smokers, or more importantly, the percentage of smokers in your area? If you’re curious, today is your lucky day. This posting from Allen Brothers is not overly explanatory, instead it’s more informal with a look at the 15 cities with the highest number of smokers in the United States. There may be some city names on here that surprise you, others that aren’t included that also might have you scratching your heads.

Special thanks to our friends at BIC for their assistance in acquiring this information. Be sure to notice the wide ranging geographic distribution of smokers in our country, anywhere from Wilkes-Barre PA to Honolulu, Hawaii. Here are your Top 15 US Smoking Cities broken down by percentage of smokers per capita and number of cigarettes per day:

#1, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Smokers: 24.6%
Cigarettes per day: 16.2

#2, Wilkes Barre-Scranton, Pennsylvania
Smokers: 23.5%
Cigarettes per day: 16.8

#3, Memphis, Tennessee
Smokers: 22.5%
Cigarettes per day: 14.3

#4, Indianapolis, Indiana
Smokers: 23.8%
Cigarettes per day: 15.5

#5, Louisville, Kentucky
Smokers: 25.4%
Cigarettes per day: 16.2

#6, St. Louis, Missouri
Smokers: 22.8%
Cigarettes per day: 14.5

#7, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Smokers: 22.1%
Cigarettes per day: 15.4

#8, Birmingham, Alabama
Smokers: 21.7%
Cigarettes per day: 14.6

#9, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Smokers: 21.6%
Cigarettes per day: 14.5

#10, Las Vegas, Nevada
Smokers: 22.8%
Cigarettes per day: 14.2

#11, Little Rock, Arkansas
Smokers: 20.3%
Cigarettes per day: 15.9

#12, Knoxville, Tennessee
Smokers: 21.5%
Cigarettes per day: 16.7

#13, Honolulu, Hawaii
Smokers: 18.2%
Cigarettes per day: 15

#14, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Smokers: 19.2%
Cigarettes per day: 16.2

#15, Nashville, Tennessee
Smokers: 21.1%
Cigarettes per day: 15.6


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Top Performers: December 2011

Top Selling Items from Allen Brothers

One of the staples of the Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution online newsletter is the “Top Performers” articles, analyzing new product performance in the convenience store industry. Whether you’re starting a retail business, maintaining it, or expanding, choosing which new or top-performing products to bring in is a critical component of the sustainability of your operations. The items listed below are ones that, based on sales results from the previous month, should be considered for placement in your stores to increase rings at your register. As we all know in this business, cycling in new items in a timely fashion as well as keeping hot-selling products on the shelves are key to your success! The key to having success in selling new items is to be knowledgeable on the product and to believe in its value.

Today’s posting is the fifth edition of “Top Performers” to date, and the Marketing and Buying Department’s ranking is placed in no particular order. The items listed are done so based on unit sales from the previous month, which in this case is November, 2011. If you’re not currently carrying these products, no worries! That’s what we’re here for. The team at Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding product performance, selling points, and suggested retail prices.

1.) Flipz Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzels

– # 400128

2.) Hershey’s Cookies & Crème King Size Drops

– # 427117

3.) Demet’s Turtles Changemaker

– # 400573

4.) Trident Pre-Priced Gum

– # 467682 (Original) and # 467683 (Spearmint)

5.) Clif Bars

– # 456109 (White Chocolate Macadamia) and # 410180 (Chocolate Brownie)

6.) Jolly Rancher Crunch & Chew

– # 413270

7.) Chobani Yogurt

– # 901005 (Blueberry), # 911004 (Strawberry), and # 911010 (Pineapple)

8.) Deli Express Chicken Salad Wedge

– #977330

9.) Special K Fruit Crisps

– # 456925 (Blueberry) and # 456923 (Strawberry)

10.) Ortega Taco Kit Dinner

– # 800805

11.) Marcal Small Steps Toilet Tissue

– #802208


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