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The CANDY CLASSIFIED Series of AB’s Blog will provide store owners & management with the best industry information to help carry out new ideas for marketing and management in 2014.

CANDY CLASSIFIED #1: Creating Combo Promotions

Marketing products to customers in a c-store should be based on one thing –  Happiness.

What is going to make c-store customers happy?

1)      Full Tummy

2)      Full Tank

Based on your customers’ behaviors, you can approach selling product in your store in a NEW way; both profitable and creative.FastBitesSandCoffeeComboNE8FastbiteCombo8

First, start to tally your customers’ behaviors…

  • Are my customers buying gas and coffee?
  • Are my customers buying coffee and a breakfast sandwich?
  • Are my customers buying a soft drink and candy bar?
  • Are my customers purchases related to the weather?

Based on your research, begin to develop new ways to tie these behaviors together with the brands and products that fit; creating a “Sure Sale”. Or a “Double Whammy; sell two things for one price.  Maybe even a trifecta!

Start a “FAST BITE BREAKFAST SANDWICH WITH A CUP OF COFFEE FOR $1.99″ promotion in your store today.  We have seen GREAT successes with our stores already participating.

Contact the AB FOOD SERVICE EXPERTS today at 800-207-2553 x 133 to discuss coffee programs, sandwich programs, or more.


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Trick or Treat – AB’s Favorite Halloween Chocolate!

Trick or Treat

Halloween draws in $2 billion in candy sales every year – proving to be a major opportunity for convenience stores to increase profits during the fall.  The majority 

(74%) of consumers say they are okay with treating themselves to chocolate around Halloween.  “It’s very convenient and it’s on my way to work,” shopper Dr. Ann Craig said.  Customers will pay for convenience even if it’s a few cents more.  Do not miss out on the opportunity for SCREMING SALES from impulse or last-minute shoppers. Halloween is 22 days away.

AB’s favorite Halloween Picks:




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Bloomberg Businessweek highlights the enhanced foodservice programs that are emerging in the industry. October 3, 2013

October 3, 2013



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August Sizzling Summer Savings – Common Sense Promotions Start Today!

Click below to see August Specials. Pricing and Promotions valid 8/5/2013 through 8/30/2013.






If you do not have an online shopping account with AB,click here to apply, http://


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The “DREAM SET” – AB Coffee Bars have definitely “Raised the Bar” in the Industry

As consumers continue to experiment and try new coffees, AB has become the leader in C-Store coffee bar designs; known in the industry as the new “Dream Set”. In an innovative move, leading C-Store retailers are improving their coffee stations from generic coffee counters to premium brand coffee stations sorted by different flavors and blends displayed elegantly with a variety of sweetener and creamer selections.   

Allen Brothers will give you the ability to take a great step forward with your customers, building confidence and loyalty as a specialty coffee destination; especially when you add our “Coffee Loyalty Program”.  With the AB “Dream Set”, shoppers will be confident to change their daily coffee destination to your store and the category will continue to grow.

And we present; the AB “Dream Set”….. Java Classics Breakfast Blend, French Roast, and Decaf with a Good West Cream Machine!

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2



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Norton’s Notes — A Merchandiser’s Perspective

Today’s posting is a new feature that we will be incorporating into our blog on a regular basis called Norton’s Notes, a look inside the convenience store world from a merchandiser’s perspective. We will be periodically adding insight from our distinguished merchandising specialist, Jim Norton. The format of the articles will be in question and answer, and we encourage any questions or comments.

To get immediate feedback or assistance, email Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution directly at, or visit the Allen Brothers Website.

To further assist you in your merchandising efforts, we will begin uploading photos of store sets from our past projects on our facebook page, Please take a tour of our Facebook Page for a flash back to our past with pictures and articles from our 101 year history. Don’t forget to Like Us!


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Let’s get started.

Ask the Merchandiser

Question 1.) How do you assist a customer in best managing their space?

Answer 1.) I ensure that the top selling items are on the shelves. I solicit feedback from store owners on their customers because it’s essential to know your demographics. What sells in one store may not sell in another. Secondary locations are important to the overall store profit too. I encourage store owners to use point of sales to promote certain items. I also suggest ordering single units as not to overload your inventory, another great feature of using Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution. You can’t sell it if it’s in your backroom!

Question 2.) What are some of the best in-store fixtures available?

Answer 2.) With the hectic lifestyles, more and more people are eating on the run. The customer can get breakfast, lunch & dinner from their local supermarket or convenience stores. Fast food modules are in many stores. I’ve also noticed more secondary item fixtures at the coffee station. In addition, many stores are using a candy rack to supplement the regular candy section. This should be close to the checkout for impulse sales.

Question 3.) Do you recommend switching your store set every few years or trying to remain consistent?

Answer 3.) I recommend switching your store set, but every few years is a stretch. I recommend some stores do resets at least twice a year. You have to keep a fresh look throughout your store. Items are constantly being discontinued, but just as many new items are being introduced. The reset is essential for rotating out the old stock and launching new items to optimize sales.

Be sure to check in regularly for continuous convenience coverage. Happy selling!