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Will Candy Save the Day?

The paltry economic outcome from the winter of 2011-2012 has many people in the convenience and grocery channels wondering, when will this recession end? It’s in these times that getting back to basics can slowly, but surely, guide us through distressed conditions.

Allen Brothers Merchandising Support will Revitalize Candy Sales!

Consistency is the key, and what more consistent ally is there in the convenience store business than candy? An insightful and well-written piece was released Tuesday on the Convenience Store Decisions website, one that the Team at Allen Brothers would encourage all retailers involved in confectionary sales to read. There’s a truly astute quote from Jenn Elleck, of the National Confectioners Association (NCA), that I think speaks volumes about a major misconception in our industry. According to Elleck in the article, “Retailers don’t think they need to worry about candy. But if they put in a little more effort, it becomes a real money maker.”

Let’s look at this quote in another way. Seeing that we’re approaching the end of March Madness in college basketball, let’s use a hoops analogy. If you were the coach running a basketball team, let’s say John Calipari of Kentucky, you wouldn’t ignore your best player (Anthony Davis) in your game plan, would you? NO WAY, not if you wanted to keep your job! You’d spend the majority of your time finding ways to maximize his talent. Use this same approach in your mindset towards selling candy, dance with who brought you!

Take some time to review the article, and pay special attention to the 5 key objectives laid out for sustaining success. You’ll be glad you did!


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