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The CANDY CLASSIFIED Series of AB’s Blog will provide store owners & management with the best industry information to help carry out new ideas for marketing and management in 2014.

CANDY CLASSIFIED #1: Creating Combo Promotions

Marketing products to customers in a c-store should be based on one thing –  Happiness.

What is going to make c-store customers happy?

1)      Full Tummy

2)      Full Tank

Based on your customers’ behaviors, you can approach selling product in your store in a NEW way; both profitable and creative.FastBitesSandCoffeeComboNE8FastbiteCombo8

First, start to tally your customers’ behaviors…

  • Are my customers buying gas and coffee?
  • Are my customers buying coffee and a breakfast sandwich?
  • Are my customers buying a soft drink and candy bar?
  • Are my customers purchases related to the weather?

Based on your research, begin to develop new ways to tie these behaviors together with the brands and products that fit; creating a “Sure Sale”. Or a “Double Whammy; sell two things for one price.  Maybe even a trifecta!

Start a “FAST BITE BREAKFAST SANDWICH WITH A CUP OF COFFEE FOR $1.99″ promotion in your store today.  We have seen GREAT successes with our stores already participating.

Contact the AB FOOD SERVICE EXPERTS today at 800-207-2553 x 133 to discuss coffee programs, sandwich programs, or more.


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Allen Brothers Offers Retailers a Manufacturer Rebate Program

Allen Brothers brings a new way to Make Money

The team at Allen Brothers is proud to announce our partnership with WAM, a manufacturer rebate program. Allen Brothers now offers a unique opportunity for c-store owners to earn ongoing rebates on almost every product category in their store. Thousands of dollars are waiting for you, and we want to help you earn that money!

This is an exclusive opportunity to make more money simply by continuing to operate your store and receiving the VIP treatment of improved signage, enhanced promotional deals, and the fastest access to newest items in the industry. The only requirement is that you purchase the manufacturer’s products through Allen Brothers. Simple enough?

Earnings Potential of Just 1 Manufacturer!

Allen Brothers’ program is targeted to independent and chain convenience stores interested in receiving accrual dollars for their purchases. These products are heavily promoted and advertised by the manufactures already in your store and purchased by your consumers. By partnering with Allen Brothers, a c-store earns not only rebates but also lucrative rack placement dollars and access to state-of-the-art multi-vendor end caps and other merchandising vehicles. Oh, don’t forget, the manufacturers will pay you for placing their racks!

By signing up for our programs, we will negotiate, manage, track & collect all of the rebates on your behalf and then issue you one check from all the contributing manufacturers. This saves you the time, money, and hassles of doing this on your own. Put more money in your pocket today, ask your Allen Brothers sales representative about our manufacturer rebate program or call today at 800-207-2553.


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