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AB Is Back On The Blog!

Allen Brothers is back on the BLOG!  Sorry it’s been a while but we are back in the creative neighborhood and more fun than ever.  You should know we have a new writer, new products, and lots of new information coming your way to help you build your business and reach your highest potential.

Allen Brothers has been operating since 1910 and there is definitely one thing that has not changed!  AB cares about their customers, provides quality products, and continues to be innovative; staying ahead of the times with product selection and communication.

The sales flyer that started it all! And now 103 years later, it’s just Common $ense to buy from AB!  Stay connected. Find us on FB and Twitter also. COVER FINAL

Original  flyer!


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Todays’ installment of “Norton’s Notes, A Merchandiser’s Perspective,” sets its sights on point of purchase sales and owner/manager involvement in the store setup. Our merchandising and marketing department are happy to answer any and all of your questions. For feedback or to have your question answered, email the Allen Brothers Inbox today at

Question 1) How many items should a store owner carry at the counter-top?

Answer 1) The maximum that your space allows. There’s always apprehension about overloading a counter, and it’s a legitimate concern. But your customers can’t buy what they can’t see. The type of products at checkout have to be hot impulse items, this is no place for a slow-seller. Novelty candy, gum, mints, toys, this should be the focus. If an item has been on the counter for more than two weeks with minimal turnover, it’s time to shuffle product. But it’s never recommended to stack different types of products on top of one another. Give each item the opportunity to stand out to maximize your point of purchase sales, as shown below.

Desirable Counter Top Display at Convenience Store

Allen Brothers Specializes in Counter Displays

Question 2) Do you find that most store owners want to be involved in the process of merchandising and setting their store, or prefer to leave it up to you? And which scenario do you recommend?

Answer 2) Some owners are more hands on than others. They sometimes have specific plans for their store. Others will give me the freedom to setup their store as I see fit. Setting an appointment to plan the procedure is always a good idea so you’re not going in blind. Both scenarios have their ups and downs. But the more engaged a store owner is in the setup of a store, the more committed they likely will be to maintaining the allure of the store’s appearance.


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Norton’s Note — The man behind the merchandising

Since our last edition of Norton’s Notes, some of our website visitors were curious about our head of merchandising, Jim Norton, and his background in the convenience store business. I’d like to take a quick break from the industry info. & advice and peel back the curtain to reveal one of Allen Brothers’ biggest assets, Merchandising Manager Jim Norton.

A recent example of a store set by Merchandising Manager Jim Norton

Pictured above, a recent store set performed by Merchandising Manager Jim Norton

Jim has enjoyed an extensive career in the convenience retail industry, but for the sake of reading, I’ll try to keep it brief. Norton’s emergence into the retail side of business started in grocery in 1986. During his first few years in the business, Jim worked for a food broker in the mid-Atlantic region successfully calling on some of the most prominent grocery chains in his territory. During his time working strictly on grocery categories, Norton was responsible for placement of new items and was an instrumental part of a high-ranking reset team at the company.

Following a four year stint in the grocery sector, Norton then went to work for Wakefern Food Corporation as a sales and merchandising representative. It was during this stint that he realized his true passion for working with store sets and assisting customers in maximizing their store’s potential. Mainly working with ShopRites throughout the Delaware Valley, Norton played a crucial role in successfully implementing new products and programs that were customized to the needs of each store. He was renowned for his expert product knowledge. Norton held this position for six years before tackling his next career move at Gourmet Award Foods from 1996 to 1999.

It was not until his move in late 1999 to Heritage’s Wholesale that Jim Norton became immersed in convenience retail. With nearly 40 convenience stores to look over in Southern New Jersey, Norton discovered a renewed enthusiasm for convenience store merchandising. Working in tighter confines, Norton’s creativity came to the forefront. He developed entire layouts for stores to optimize sales volume. In addition, he developed a program for designating certain “high-sell” areas for maximum product profitability based on category.

Following a ten year stay with Heritage, Norton made the switch from the convenience retail side of the business to convenience wholesale. Since January 2009, Jim has been an integral part of Allen Brother’s sales and merchandising team. His past experience in the field as a sales representative and merchandising coordinator made him a perfect fit for Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution. Since joining Allen Brothers, Norton has successfully incorporated his core philosophy of a fresh and well-kept store set being a key ingredient for a store’s overall success.

To find out more about what Allen Brothers’ can do for your business, contact the merchandising department at, or call 1-800-207-2553 today!


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Merchandising Notes: Racks, Inventory, and Sales


Went searching the web this weekend, and came across a great website on racks and shelving for a store. The name of the article says it all, How to Choose the Best Wire Candy Racks for your Store.

There are so many different options in racking out there, but the point of the article is broken down into three major points:

As a store owner or merchandiser, you need to think about…

1.) Your Store’s Environment

2.) Your Candy Products

3.) Your Usual Customers

I may be a little biased, but the merchandising team at Allen Brothers is one of the best in the business. If you’d like to arrange for a store consultation, reach out with an email to sales support at We’d love to take that boring rack in your store (see above) and make it come alive (see below)… 



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