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Trick or Treat – AB’s Favorite Halloween Chocolate!

Trick or Treat

Halloween draws in $2 billion in candy sales every year – proving to be a major opportunity for convenience stores to increase profits during the fall.  The majority 

(74%) of consumers say they are okay with treating themselves to chocolate around Halloween.  “It’s very convenient and it’s on my way to work,” shopper Dr. Ann Craig said.  Customers will pay for convenience even if it’s a few cents more.  Do not miss out on the opportunity for SCREMING SALES from impulse or last-minute shoppers. Halloween is 22 days away.

AB’s favorite Halloween Picks:




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August Sizzling Summer Savings – Common Sense Promotions Start Today!

Click below to see August Specials. Pricing and Promotions valid 8/5/2013 through 8/30/2013.






If you do not have an online shopping account with AB,click here to apply, http://


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It’s Mother’s Day! Our store owners are saying one of two things; “I am so glad I called Allen Brothers” or “I should have called Allen Brothers”.  Every husband, father, brother, son, and/or friend of a “mom” is running rampant trying to find a last-minute gift. What does every woman want? CHOCOLATE.  Stocking up on a large variety of chocolate was a good plan for this weekend.

The customers of your stores are saying the same thing as you: “My corner store sure does stock everything I need” or quite the opposite.

As a gift, the new Kit Kat Mini’s® from Hershey® are a great choice. Throw a little story behind it; Kit Kat® now has children of her own.  Kit Kat® Mommy is so nice, sweet, and smart for adding the subtle crisp of the wafers that she decided it was time to extend her family and make Mini’s.  Why not create little one’s that you can get that luxurious taste of chocolate in one BITE?”

On a serious note, Memorial Day weekend is coming up next. Make sure you are prepared with all of the last-minute things your customers will need. Make a check list starting with: Charcoal, Lighter Fluid, Paper Goods, BBQ Sauce, etc.

Check your MAY COMMON SENSE FLYER, it’s all on special!!! Sale ends May 31st.




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Will Candy Save the Day?

The paltry economic outcome from the winter of 2011-2012 has many people in the convenience and grocery channels wondering, when will this recession end? It’s in these times that getting back to basics can slowly, but surely, guide us through distressed conditions.

Allen Brothers Merchandising Support will Revitalize Candy Sales!

Consistency is the key, and what more consistent ally is there in the convenience store business than candy? An insightful and well-written piece was released Tuesday on the Convenience Store Decisions website, one that the Team at Allen Brothers would encourage all retailers involved in confectionary sales to read. There’s a truly astute quote from Jenn Elleck, of the National Confectioners Association (NCA), that I think speaks volumes about a major misconception in our industry. According to Elleck in the article, “Retailers don’t think they need to worry about candy. But if they put in a little more effort, it becomes a real money maker.”

Let’s look at this quote in another way. Seeing that we’re approaching the end of March Madness in college basketball, let’s use a hoops analogy. If you were the coach running a basketball team, let’s say John Calipari of Kentucky, you wouldn’t ignore your best player (Anthony Davis) in your game plan, would you? NO WAY, not if you wanted to keep your job! You’d spend the majority of your time finding ways to maximize his talent. Use this same approach in your mindset towards selling candy, dance with who brought you!

Take some time to review the article, and pay special attention to the 5 key objectives laid out for sustaining success. You’ll be glad you did!


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Allen Brothers Best Deal on Zitner Eggs

Ztiner Eggs Best Deal from Allen Brothers

Allen Brothers Best Deal on Zitner Eggs


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Top Performers: January 2012

January 2012 Best Selling Items

January 2012 Best Sellers!

One of the staples of the Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution online newsletter is the “Top Performers” articles, analyzing new product performance and other trends in the convenience store industry. Whether you’re starting a retail business, maintaining it, or expanding, choosing which new or top-performing products to bring in is a critical component of the sustainability of your operations. The items listed below are ones that, based on sales results from the previous month, should be considered for placement in your stores to increase rings at your register. As we all know in this business, cycling in new items in a timely fashion as well as keeping hot-selling products on the shelves are key to your success! To enjoy success in selling new items takes work on your part as a store owner as well. You need to be knowledgeable on the product and to believe in its value, then pass that message on to your customers.

Variety Pack of Dolly Madison

Today’s posting is the sixth edition of “Top Performers” to date, and the Marketing and Buying Department’s ranking is placed in no particular order. The items listed are done so based on unit sales from the previous month, which in this case is December, 2011. If you’re not currently carrying these products, don’t feel like it’s too late. If they’re working in other stores that we’re servicing, they can and should work for you! The sales, customer service, and marketing team would be more than happy to take some time and work with you in designing a product selection that will maximize your profitability. That’s what we’re here for. Additionally, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding product performance, selling points, and suggested retail prices.

1.) Milk Chocolate Peeps
– Item # 456347

2.) Rainbow Peep Pops
– Item # 456365

3.) Folger’s Classic Roast Coffee
– Item # 814050

4.) Zitner Eggs (Great Seasonal Items, not too late!!)
– Butter Creme (#999110), Butter Krak (#999100), Cocoanut Creme (#999171) and Peanut Butter (#999170)

5.) The Dolly Madison Line of Sweets and Pastries

6.) Mentos UP2U Gum
– Strawberry & Spearmint (#408430), Day Mint & Mintnight Mint (#408451), and Sweet Mint & Bubble Fresh (#408432)

7.) Zig Zag Cigarillos
– Grape (#207409), Mango (#207449), Regular (#207429), and Strawberry (#207439)

8.) Planters Big Bag Peanuts
– 5-Alarm Chili Dry Roasted (#411545), Pistachio Mix (#487262), and Buffalo Wing Peanuts (#401412)

9.) Prairie City Big & Fudgie Brownie
– Item # 943220

10.) Crystal 12 Ounce Hot Wing Sauce
– Item # 811005

11.) Lindor Truffles 240 Count Changemaker – Item # 403519


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Trident Vitality 6+1 Deal: $13.35 OFF Everyday Cost

Check out the deal below available today through February 24th, 2012, on the 72 count Trident Vitality 6+1 Counter Display. Orders will begin shipping in late April.

This counter unit can be ordered via fax, through your sales person or customer service representative, or by emailing the Allen Brothers Marketing Department with your account number and number of displays you’d like to pre-book.

6+1 Trident Vitality Counter Display


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Allen Brothers Offers Retailers a Manufacturer Rebate Program

Allen Brothers brings a new way to Make Money

The team at Allen Brothers is proud to announce our partnership with WAM, a manufacturer rebate program. Allen Brothers now offers a unique opportunity for c-store owners to earn ongoing rebates on almost every product category in their store. Thousands of dollars are waiting for you, and we want to help you earn that money!

This is an exclusive opportunity to make more money simply by continuing to operate your store and receiving the VIP treatment of improved signage, enhanced promotional deals, and the fastest access to newest items in the industry. The only requirement is that you purchase the manufacturer’s products through Allen Brothers. Simple enough?

Earnings Potential of Just 1 Manufacturer!

Allen Brothers’ program is targeted to independent and chain convenience stores interested in receiving accrual dollars for their purchases. These products are heavily promoted and advertised by the manufactures already in your store and purchased by your consumers. By partnering with Allen Brothers, a c-store earns not only rebates but also lucrative rack placement dollars and access to state-of-the-art multi-vendor end caps and other merchandising vehicles. Oh, don’t forget, the manufacturers will pay you for placing their racks!

By signing up for our programs, we will negotiate, manage, track & collect all of the rebates on your behalf and then issue you one check from all the contributing manufacturers. This saves you the time, money, and hassles of doing this on your own. Put more money in your pocket today, ask your Allen Brothers sales representative about our manufacturer rebate program or call today at 800-207-2553.


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Maximize Halloween Retail Sales in 2011

Happy Halloween from Allen Brothers, Time to Sell!

A very interesting article was published Monday out of New York on the website of Reuters regarding Halloween planning in 2011. There’s no hiding the fact that the American economy has not bounced back as quickly as once hoped, but that doesn’t mean the US consumer is willing to let the practice of Trick-or-Treating on Halloween fade away. Trick-or-Treating has been & will continue to be a popular practice for children on Halloween. According to the article on Americanism and their prevailing bond to the tradition of Halloween, there will be more people taking part in Halloween in 2011 than in year’s past. Take advantage of this trend, and get in on the fun yourself by decorating your store and perhaps even getting in costume!

With candy remaining the number one expenditure, followed only by decorations and costumes, it is anticipated that “70 percent of U.S. consumers will spend an average of $28 on candy and decorations.” What does this trend mean to you as a convenience store owner? The key component to take out of these findings is that there are monster sales potentially available to retailers in our areas. Economists are predicting a double-digit growth in 2011 sales figures on Halloween-specific spending, so our advice is to embrace the holiday and take an active role in boosting your sales. You have an opportunity to lay the ground-work for future retail experiences for your customers. If your customers see that you’re going all-out to maximize their Halloween shopping experience, your efforts will go a long way towards bringing that customer back to your store.

1.) If you have the space, be creative with decorations and fixtures. You can do a complete store Halloween setup for under $60.00, and it’s a one-time purchase if you do it smart by buying plastic decorations and re-usable signage.

2.) If space is an issue, get in the action and find yourself a fun Halloween costume. You become a living decoration, and what a great way to connect with your customers. You’ve still got plenty of time, Trick-or-Treaters won’t be flooding the streets until October 31st, but we recommend starting the dress up on that Friday (October 28th) to capitalize on the weekend sales opportunity.

3.) Lastly, and especially if space is an issue, invest in a Tape or CD of spooky music. If there’s no sound system in your store, bring a stereo and simply put the CD on repeat. This won’t take up any additional space and is just another inexpensive way to make your store stand out.

Happy Selling, and Happy Halloween!


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Top Performers: September, 2011

Today’s posting is part of a monthly guide on the top new-selling items and established items that have shown a significant climb (based on previous performance) in expected sales. The title of this post could just as easily be “What’s Selling,” items that should be considered for placement in your everyday selection to increase rings at your register! While we’re here, just another reminder to focus in on Halloween items (Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins shown below) and be sure to strengthen your candy aisles during this profitable time of the year in the convenience store industry.

The team at Allen Brothers acknowledges that the amount of new products constantly bombarding the market can feel overwhelming, and staying updated on industry trends while running a business is indeed a daunting task. You have enough things keeping you busy, it’s our job to help you stay informed about what’s going on in your business. We receive information on hundreds of new products every week, and it can be difficult to spot the diamond in the rough. We also spend countless hours analyzing product performance vs. the market and in the stores we service. To help you analyze the performance of new items, Allen Brothers has introduced “Top Performers”.

Today’s posting is the third edition of Top Performers to date, and the Marketing and Buying Department’s ranking is placed in no particular order. The items listed are done so based on unit sales from the previous month, which in this case is August 2011. If you’re not currently carrying these products, don’t worry! The team at Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding product performance, selling points, and suggested retail prices.

Hershey Peanut Butter Pumpkin, Item # 444325. Not too late to stock up today!

The rankings are listed in no particular order:

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins – Item #444325
Stride Shaun White Mint – Item #468256
5-Hour Energy Extra Strength Grape – Item #628127
Job Papers 4 Box Display – Item #001715
Supreme Protein Peanut Butter and Jelly – Item #422300
Supreme Protein Peanut Butter Pretzel – Item #402223
5-Hour Energy 9 Box Counter Rack Display – Item #692696
Slim Jim Giant Dare Line: Jalapeno (Item #414054), Habanero (Item #414055), and Chili Pepper (Item #414152)


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