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The “DREAM SET” – AB Coffee Bars have definitely “Raised the Bar” in the Industry

As consumers continue to experiment and try new coffees, AB has become the leader in C-Store coffee bar designs; known in the industry as the new “Dream Set”. In an innovative move, leading C-Store retailers are improving their coffee stations from generic coffee counters to premium brand coffee stations sorted by different flavors and blends displayed elegantly with a variety of sweetener and creamer selections.   

Allen Brothers will give you the ability to take a great step forward with your customers, building confidence and loyalty as a specialty coffee destination; especially when you add our “Coffee Loyalty Program”.  With the AB “Dream Set”, shoppers will be confident to change their daily coffee destination to your store and the category will continue to grow.

And we present; the AB “Dream Set”….. Java Classics Breakfast Blend, French Roast, and Decaf with a Good West Cream Machine!

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Top Performers: October 2011

Today’s posting is part of a monthly guide on the top new-selling items and established items that have shown a significant climb (based on previous performance) in expected sales. The title of this post could just as easily be “What’s Selling,” items that should be considered for placement in your everyday selection to increase rings at your register! The convenience store industry has fared quite well over the past few months despite increasing competition from other retail venues during the approaching holiday season. As we all known in this business, the new items are key to that sustainability!

Tweaker Energy, 6X The Kick!

Our job here at Allen Brothers is to help you stay informed about what’s going on in your business. We receive information on hundreds of new products every week, and it can be difficult to spot the diamond in the rough. We also spend countless hours analyzing product performance vs. the market and in the stores we service. To help you analyze the performance of new items, Allen Brothers has introduced “Top Performers”.

Today’s posting is the fourth edition of Top Performers to date, and the Marketing and Buying Department’s ranking is placed in no particular order. The items listed are done so based on unit sales from the previous month, which in this case is September 2011. If you’re not currently carrying these products, don’t worry! The team at Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding product performance, selling points, and suggested retail prices.

1.) Java Classics Line of Coffee

2.) Tweaker Energy Shots

– # 610012 (Berry), # 610013 (Pomegranate), # 611012 (Grape)

3.) Swisher Sweet Cigarillos

– # 202900 (Cigarillo Tip), # 220722 (Wine), # 220891 (Peach)

4.) Philadelphia Sports Lighters

– # 863272 (Flyers), # 804211 (Eagles), # 804330 (Phillies)

5.) Deli Express Ham & Cheese on Rye

– # 977335

6.) General Mills Chocolate Chex Mix

– # 432464 (Cookies & Creme), # 416795 (Chocolate Peanut Butter)

7.) Lil Drug Vials

– # 571196 Counter Unit

8.) Goya Canned Vegetables

– # 802406 (Pink Beans), # 812422 (Chick Peas), # 812402 (Red Kidney Beans)

9.) Marcal Small Steps Toilet Tissue

– # 802208


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