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AB’s September Fall Savings…Its Common Sense, Order Today!

Fall is here. School has started. Make sure to take advantage of all the SUPER SAVINGS Allen Brothers has to offer. New products, great school stock up items, store management products, healthy selections, and so much more. Our variety is always getting better. We distribute the top trend items for CSTORES and the most popular food products in the market. Check out this month’s Common Sense; SPOT THE DOT and Save!



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July Common $ense

July Common $ense

Allen Brothers has SPECTACULAR SAVINGS for July.  We offer HUGE Discounts and feature LOTS of new items for you to try.  These offers will light up your fireworks!

Children are off from school and AB has all the Kids Mania candy toys you can handle. Specialized with its own display rack, Kidsmania “Puts the Fun in the Munch” ™.

Starburst® are bursting with minis to share.  They are packed in a 15 ct. box and retail for $1.89 SRP.

Richies® Italian Ice has a fruity assortment of flavors. This is packaged in individual easy-to-carry 10 oz. cups, packed in 12 cups/case. This is a great item to carry during these hot, summer months.

We have a brand new item for your roller grill.  These three delicious flavors of Schmidt’s Bahama Mama Spicy Smoked Sausage will bring your customers back again and again. Bahama Mama sausages lasts longer than your regular hot dog on the grill and is packed in retail size to store right in your cooler so you do not have to use up a lot of back room storage.  This is a gourmet item that you must get rolling today.


Spot the Savings Dot through-out AB’s July Common Sense for special savings and specials. Check out the flyer today.


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A recipe always tastes better with extra TLC

One of the most important ingredients to the AB recipe is keeping your store, just as that, YOURS. We want your store to reflect who you are and who your customers are.  Our talented and personable sales team will spend face time with you; designing a specialized game-plan that fits your store’s needs.  We will shake your hand at the end, and most importantly, offer solutions about adding in profit driving food stations and/or new products that will work for you.   Next, our team of design professionals can add a modern look to your store while strategically developing a store layout that encourages quick decision-making purchases from your customers. The end result: soaring profits, a stress-free store management process, and a specialized store that fits your needs and the demographics of your location and customer base. For stores already operating or new stores in development, we are here to help.

After Coffee Station Re-Design

After Coffee Station Re-Design

Before Pic

Before Pic


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It’s Mother’s Day! Our store owners are saying one of two things; “I am so glad I called Allen Brothers” or “I should have called Allen Brothers”.  Every husband, father, brother, son, and/or friend of a “mom” is running rampant trying to find a last-minute gift. What does every woman want? CHOCOLATE.  Stocking up on a large variety of chocolate was a good plan for this weekend.

The customers of your stores are saying the same thing as you: “My corner store sure does stock everything I need” or quite the opposite.

As a gift, the new Kit Kat Mini’s® from Hershey® are a great choice. Throw a little story behind it; Kit Kat® now has children of her own.  Kit Kat® Mommy is so nice, sweet, and smart for adding the subtle crisp of the wafers that she decided it was time to extend her family and make Mini’s.  Why not create little one’s that you can get that luxurious taste of chocolate in one BITE?”

On a serious note, Memorial Day weekend is coming up next. Make sure you are prepared with all of the last-minute things your customers will need. Make a check list starting with: Charcoal, Lighter Fluid, Paper Goods, BBQ Sauce, etc.

Check your MAY COMMON SENSE FLYER, it’s all on special!!! Sale ends May 31st.




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Prebook the BIC Collector’s Series Nascar Drivers Display!

Check out the deal below on the 50 Count BIC Nascar Drivers Collector’s Series Lighters available through Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution. The deal is available today through June 29th, 2012. Orders for the counter unit will begin shipping in mid-August.

With lucrative profit margins, listed at 45.4%, here’s a chance to bring in a collectible unit by a company that’s the leader in the lighter market (5 million sold every day) tied in with a great marketing partner (NASCAR)!

The 50 count display can be ordered via fax, through your sales person or customer service representative, or by emailing the Allen Brothers Marketing Department with your account number and number of shipper displays you’d like to pre-book.

BIC Nascar Drivers Collector’s Series Display

BIC Nascar Drivers Collector’s Series Display, Item # 804648


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5 Tips for the Convenience Store Owner

This business, the retail convenience industry, is unlike really any other trade in our country. With the proliferation of corporate chains and big-box conglomerates, the little guys (independent convenience stores, mom and pops, bodegas) are still achieving a great deal of success daily thanks to their business ingenuity and know-how. Sure, we all experience trials and anxiety, but the real advantage of this business is that you have a great deal of control in the success or failure of your endeavor.

Allen Brothers

Allen Brothers: Back to Business in 2012

With that being said, the marketing team at Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution polled a wide array of industry associates (salesman, vendors, manufacturers, customers) to compile a short list of tips to take into the New Year in hopes of helping you drive your business forward in 2012. Without further ado, here are 5 tips that we hope will be of value to you this year.

1.) Treat Customers with Respect: It seems so simple, and indeed it is simple, but a smile and a “Thank You” can go such a long way for a customer. Think about it: with pricing and product selection relatively consistent from store to store, what makes the difference? Customer Service. Work at remembering faces and names, and make that person feel special. There’s nothing wrong with letting a patron know how much you appreciate and need their support, especially with the current economic conditions in our country. Invest in human resources and hire quality people to run your operation; they are a reflection of you. Ask questions, show an interest, and you will be rewarded.

2.) Customer Retention: Learn It, Live It, Love It. Are you doing enough (and by enough, I mean all that you can do) to bring that customer back through the door time and time again? Loyalty programs, low prices, cleanliness, and product selection are ALL key to long-term success! And as we know, recurring customer purchases is how we succeed in the industry. According to industry statistics, a minimum of 63% of annual purchases are made by repeat customers. Go out of YOUR WAY to create an atmosphere that keeps customers coming back.

3.) Marketing: Sure, invest in the bright lights, but realize that tastefulness is key. Remember, many of the independent convenience stores are located in neighborhoods and communities where your store can have a real impact on the local economy in more ways than one. Don’t turn your store front into a jumbled clutter of signage. Instead of littering your store windows, display only the most important information. Or, perhaps you can invest in a sign tower on your property (if you own it) to announce specials and pricing.

Creative Marketing Efforts

Marketing Convenience Store Deals

4.) Point of Sale: This ties in almost directly with the tips on marketing, but point of sale (POS) deserves its own listing because of its fundamental importance to product success (especially new items). As with any of your marketing efforts, tastefulness is crucial. If you have gas pumps at your store, utilize them as powerful agents in your marketing campaign. What better venue could you ask for to showcase your offerings to an attentive audience already on site? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes; think about what you have in your store that will drive a customer from the pump to your register. In my opinion, the best items to flaunt to your customers are foodservice items. If the weather is cold, show coffee and hot sandwiches. If it’s warm outside, why not capitalize by presenting slushy or ice cream? If you want to drive incremental sales, you have plenty of opportunities to make that happen!

5.) Separate from the Corporate Model: This is the single most important note to take away from this article. Independent convenience store owners can’t operate their business the same way that a national or global chain can. This creates obstacles, there’s no denying that, but it also creates opportunities. As an independent store operator you have the ability to control most (if not all) of your store’s everyday operations. From presentation to product selection, it’s all you! You don’t have to deal with the bureaucracy and red-tape, so put your mark on the store and take steps to create a unique buying environment. If you have the time to visit other stores, do it. Make notes after your visit and consider improvements you could make to your operation. While doing so, be sure to remember the things that you do well and work to emphasize your strengths and improve upon your weakness.
Happy Selling!


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Norton’s Notes – A Merchandiser’s Perspective (Part 5)

Today’s posting is the fifth of a multi-part series on a feature that we have incorporated into our blog on a regular basis called Norton’s Notes. We will be periodically adding insight from our distinguished merchandising specialist, Jim Norton. The format of the articles will be in question and answer, and we encourage you to keep the questions rolling in to our inbox at! We have hundreds of clicks daily to our newsletter, a mix of both current and future customers of Allen Brothers, and we are thrilled to be a one-stop resource for convenience store news, information, and updates at your fingertips.

Glass Door freezers play a key role in the layout of your convenience store

Ask the Merchandiser

Question 1.) For a typical store layout, how much space should be committed specifically to confectionary items, general merchandise, and health & beauty?

Answer 1.) It depends on the size and what kind of store: gift shop, convenience store, or pharmacy. Each presents its own unique merchandising issues. The easy answer is to focus on confectionary and let the other two categories land where they may. In my opinion, this is the wrong way to go about the layout. It’s never recommended that a store owner completely ignore any category in their merchandising efforts. With general merchandise and health & beauty, there is real profit to be made with proper product selection, pricing, and presentation.

For a convenience store or a pharmacy, my advice is to allocate a sizeable space for confectionary, and this is a category you can take chances with. You’ll need to be more careful about the general merchandise products that you bring in, but again this is a category that can be a strong profit driver. It’s obvious for pharmacy operators, but in all three store sets there is definitely a need to have an offering of health & beauty products (over-the-counter medicine especially). For you gift shop operators, I don’t have to tell you that general merchandise is a major profit center, more so than pharmacies or convenience stores. Regardless, I still encourage you to take the time to investigate new confectionary and snack-food items in the market.

Question 2.) How many beverage coolers do you need in your store at minimum?
Answer 2.) This question depends entirely on the size of your store. I walk into some large stores that have 10 to even 12 coolers fully stocked with an array of product. Smaller stores simply can’t dedicate that much space to cooler units, so they will have two to three and maybe one additional freestanding cooler. If you have less room, you’ll need to be more attentive on the products that you bring in to fill the coolers, but they can still be a strong earner for your bottom line. Again, the key here is to make use of the space you have efficiently.

Continue to check in regularly for continuous convenience coverage from Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution. Happy selling!


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