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Snacking Means Big Business, Have a Plan of Action!

Can it be, is it really October already? With only a few months left in 2011, now is the time to make that final push for year’s end growth. Before you know it, 2012 will be upon us and it’ll be time to start the cycle all over again.

With growing total sales in mind, let’s focus today on a category that’s already thriving in convenience stores and grow that business. Today’s post addresses the power of the snack food category in the convenience store industry. With special thanks to our friends at Kellogg’s Convenience, the Allen Brothers’ Marketing Team dives into the topic of snack food and snacking and how you can grow your business by further capitalizing on this trend. While reading, concentrate on ways to grab hold of your inventory and make it work for you. Perhaps promote your line of items by offering a discount on bundled products (a drink and a snack for one low price, for example), promoting a limited time offer on a near-cost price with a popular snack item, or attacking the 2-For-$2.00 market.

Cheez-It's are among the many great "Snack Items" available everyday at Allen Brothers.

No matter how you decide to go to market, there’s just no denying that people love their snacks. The average American now snacks at least 3 times per day and the choices they’re reaching for most are salty snacks. In the average convenience store, salty snacks are the top choice by menu importance, beating out candy bars, donuts and cookies. At the same time, snack mixes have quickly become the second largest segment within the salty snacks category – with 20% of total sales and +8.7% growth over last year.

The biggest news may be that snacks are no longer just an impulse item to grab when filling up the gas tank. Consumers are now enjoying them before, during and after meals. Studies show that people purchase salty snacks to tide them over between meals, after dinner and even as their breakfast choice. With well-known brands like Cheez-It® and Rice Krispies Treats® leading the way with choices that consumers love, C-Store owners are ready to dig into big sales. That’s great news for C-Stores, specifically those poised to capitalize on this tasty trend.

Now’s the time for you, C-Store Operators, to take advantage of this growing opportunity. To maximize your return, we suggest that you promote your line of salty snacks with drink offers both inside and outside the store. Plus, consider carrying a variety of the fastest selling brands along with new items to add variety and choice.

If you have any questions or if you’re looking for advice and insight, reach out to the Allen Brothers Marketing Department. Please be sure to fill out the poll below to let us know how your snack food business is growing in 2011.

Happy Selling!


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