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AB’s October Common Sense: Promotions so good, it’s frightening.

October savings are not a TRICK and definitely a TREAT. Check out Tootsie’s best selling items, Dubble Bubble’s NEW Ball peg bag, and Goetze’s NEW Caramel Creams and Cow Tails peg bags. Hershey’s Brookside delicious fruit flavored centers, Pomegranate and Acai flavors, covered in dark chocolate are the perfect Fall indulgent snack!  Don’t miss ‘perfect for the season’ pumpkin flavored coffee for your in-store coffee station and our new ECIG brand V2 from National Tobacco! October’s Common Sense is packed with great offers, new products, and stock-the-shelves necessary grocery items.  “Spot the Dot” and Save!

Front Cover

Click to see October’s HOT BUYS!SAVE SEALs FOR BLOG


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August Sizzling Summer Savings – Common Sense Promotions Start Today!

Click below to see August Specials. Pricing and Promotions valid 8/5/2013 through 8/30/2013.






If you do not have an online shopping account with AB,click here to apply, http://


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July Common $ense

July Common $ense

Allen Brothers has SPECTACULAR SAVINGS for July.  We offer HUGE Discounts and feature LOTS of new items for you to try.  These offers will light up your fireworks!

Children are off from school and AB has all the Kids Mania candy toys you can handle. Specialized with its own display rack, Kidsmania “Puts the Fun in the Munch” ™.

Starburst® are bursting with minis to share.  They are packed in a 15 ct. box and retail for $1.89 SRP.

Richies® Italian Ice has a fruity assortment of flavors. This is packaged in individual easy-to-carry 10 oz. cups, packed in 12 cups/case. This is a great item to carry during these hot, summer months.

We have a brand new item for your roller grill.  These three delicious flavors of Schmidt’s Bahama Mama Spicy Smoked Sausage will bring your customers back again and again. Bahama Mama sausages lasts longer than your regular hot dog on the grill and is packed in retail size to store right in your cooler so you do not have to use up a lot of back room storage.  This is a gourmet item that you must get rolling today.


Spot the Savings Dot through-out AB’s July Common Sense for special savings and specials. Check out the flyer today.


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It’s Mother’s Day! Our store owners are saying one of two things; “I am so glad I called Allen Brothers” or “I should have called Allen Brothers”.  Every husband, father, brother, son, and/or friend of a “mom” is running rampant trying to find a last-minute gift. What does every woman want? CHOCOLATE.  Stocking up on a large variety of chocolate was a good plan for this weekend.

The customers of your stores are saying the same thing as you: “My corner store sure does stock everything I need” or quite the opposite.

As a gift, the new Kit Kat Mini’s® from Hershey® are a great choice. Throw a little story behind it; Kit Kat® now has children of her own.  Kit Kat® Mommy is so nice, sweet, and smart for adding the subtle crisp of the wafers that she decided it was time to extend her family and make Mini’s.  Why not create little one’s that you can get that luxurious taste of chocolate in one BITE?”

On a serious note, Memorial Day weekend is coming up next. Make sure you are prepared with all of the last-minute things your customers will need. Make a check list starting with: Charcoal, Lighter Fluid, Paper Goods, BBQ Sauce, etc.

Check your MAY COMMON SENSE FLYER, it’s all on special!!! Sale ends May 31st.




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Stride iD Counter Unit with FREE Stride Tropical Trance

Check out the deal below on the 84 Count Stride iD Counter Unit, with a FREE pack of Stride Tropical Trance. The deal is available today through June 1st, 2012. Orders for the counter unit will begin shipping in mid-August.

The flavors included below are Berry Melon, Peppermint, and Spearmint, plus the FREE Stride Tropical Trance. With strong profit margins quoted humbly at 51.5%, this is a strong opportunity to bring in an attractive counter unit on a proven winner!

This shipper display can be ordered via fax, through your sales person or customer service representative, or by emailing the Allen Brothers Marketing Department with your account number and number of shipper displays you’d like to pre-book.

Stride iD Counter Unit with Free Stride Tropical Trance

Item # 068525: Stride iD Counter Unit with Free Stride Tropical Trance


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Top Performers: October 2011

Today’s posting is part of a monthly guide on the top new-selling items and established items that have shown a significant climb (based on previous performance) in expected sales. The title of this post could just as easily be “What’s Selling,” items that should be considered for placement in your everyday selection to increase rings at your register! The convenience store industry has fared quite well over the past few months despite increasing competition from other retail venues during the approaching holiday season. As we all known in this business, the new items are key to that sustainability!

Tweaker Energy, 6X The Kick!

Our job here at Allen Brothers is to help you stay informed about what’s going on in your business. We receive information on hundreds of new products every week, and it can be difficult to spot the diamond in the rough. We also spend countless hours analyzing product performance vs. the market and in the stores we service. To help you analyze the performance of new items, Allen Brothers has introduced “Top Performers”.

Today’s posting is the fourth edition of Top Performers to date, and the Marketing and Buying Department’s ranking is placed in no particular order. The items listed are done so based on unit sales from the previous month, which in this case is September 2011. If you’re not currently carrying these products, don’t worry! The team at Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding product performance, selling points, and suggested retail prices.

1.) Java Classics Line of Coffee

2.) Tweaker Energy Shots

– # 610012 (Berry), # 610013 (Pomegranate), # 611012 (Grape)

3.) Swisher Sweet Cigarillos

– # 202900 (Cigarillo Tip), # 220722 (Wine), # 220891 (Peach)

4.) Philadelphia Sports Lighters

– # 863272 (Flyers), # 804211 (Eagles), # 804330 (Phillies)

5.) Deli Express Ham & Cheese on Rye

– # 977335

6.) General Mills Chocolate Chex Mix

– # 432464 (Cookies & Creme), # 416795 (Chocolate Peanut Butter)

7.) Lil Drug Vials

– # 571196 Counter Unit

8.) Goya Canned Vegetables

– # 802406 (Pink Beans), # 812422 (Chick Peas), # 812402 (Red Kidney Beans)

9.) Marcal Small Steps Toilet Tissue

– # 802208


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Snacking Means Big Business, Have a Plan of Action!

Can it be, is it really October already? With only a few months left in 2011, now is the time to make that final push for year’s end growth. Before you know it, 2012 will be upon us and it’ll be time to start the cycle all over again.

With growing total sales in mind, let’s focus today on a category that’s already thriving in convenience stores and grow that business. Today’s post addresses the power of the snack food category in the convenience store industry. With special thanks to our friends at Kellogg’s Convenience, the Allen Brothers’ Marketing Team dives into the topic of snack food and snacking and how you can grow your business by further capitalizing on this trend. While reading, concentrate on ways to grab hold of your inventory and make it work for you. Perhaps promote your line of items by offering a discount on bundled products (a drink and a snack for one low price, for example), promoting a limited time offer on a near-cost price with a popular snack item, or attacking the 2-For-$2.00 market.

Cheez-It's are among the many great "Snack Items" available everyday at Allen Brothers.

No matter how you decide to go to market, there’s just no denying that people love their snacks. The average American now snacks at least 3 times per day and the choices they’re reaching for most are salty snacks. In the average convenience store, salty snacks are the top choice by menu importance, beating out candy bars, donuts and cookies. At the same time, snack mixes have quickly become the second largest segment within the salty snacks category – with 20% of total sales and +8.7% growth over last year.

The biggest news may be that snacks are no longer just an impulse item to grab when filling up the gas tank. Consumers are now enjoying them before, during and after meals. Studies show that people purchase salty snacks to tide them over between meals, after dinner and even as their breakfast choice. With well-known brands like Cheez-It® and Rice Krispies Treats® leading the way with choices that consumers love, C-Store owners are ready to dig into big sales. That’s great news for C-Stores, specifically those poised to capitalize on this tasty trend.

Now’s the time for you, C-Store Operators, to take advantage of this growing opportunity. To maximize your return, we suggest that you promote your line of salty snacks with drink offers both inside and outside the store. Plus, consider carrying a variety of the fastest selling brands along with new items to add variety and choice.

If you have any questions or if you’re looking for advice and insight, reach out to the Allen Brothers Marketing Department. Please be sure to fill out the poll below to let us know how your snack food business is growing in 2011.

Happy Selling!


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