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AB’s September Fall Savings…Its Common Sense, Order Today!

Fall is here. School has started. Make sure to take advantage of all the SUPER SAVINGS Allen Brothers has to offer. New products, great school stock up items, store management products, healthy selections, and so much more. Our variety is always getting better. We distribute the top trend items for CSTORES and the most popular food products in the market. Check out this month’s Common Sense; SPOT THE DOT and Save!



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Ahead of the Curve: Smokers making the Switch

Looking for areas to expand in your tobacco category? How about going to pipe and large cigars, a product class that has grown nearly 60% since 2009?

Criss Cross Pipe Tobacco

Criss Cross Pipe Tobacco, Item # 360100

The reason for the switch, as noted by the online periodical Convenience Store News, is simple. The pipe tobacco and large cigars are taxed at a considerably lower rate, at least for now! If you have yet to embrace the Roll-Your-Own craze, the sales and marketing team at Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution would strongly recommend looking into this category to help minimize the effects of lost cigarette sales.

Whether an Allen Brother’s customer or not, feel free to reach out to us for information on how to branch out into the Roll-Your-Own and Electronic Cigarette Category today!


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Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution: A Look Inside

Check out our first in a series of videos to get a better idea of what makes Allen Brothers one of the top convenience store wholesale distributors in the country. You can find classic industry videos online at the Allen Brothers Website under the “Fun Links” Tab, including the original Choo Choo Carlie commercial for Good N’ Plenty. Amazing how the media world has changed!

Happy Selling!


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Cigarette Manufacturers Raise Prices

New Round of Cigarette Price Hikes

Cigarette manufacturers industry-wide are raising prices once again . Lorillard Tobacco Company led the charge in price increases, followed shortly, by Phillip Morris, Natural American Spirit, and R.J. Reynolds. Visit the website of Winston-Salem Journal for more information.

Changes in price are effective immediately. Be sure to consult your invoice for updated pricing, and adjust your pricing accordingly.


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Candy Price Increase Follow-Up: Now What? (Part-2)

By now, there should be an overall awareness that prices are on the rise. We can blame it on inflation, gas prices, economic woes, or any other of the numerous options at our disposal. Unfortunately, it’s a way of life in this business. But let’s not sulk about it. Instead we’ll discover solutions together.

If somehow you haven’t taken notice of the hikes or adjusted your pricing, I encourage you to do so… today! Raising prices is never a desirable option; it’s the dirty secret that people in business simply don’t speak of. But the key is to take an aggressive approach and be ahead of the curve. When I say aggressive, I don’t mean go overboard and radically impose major price increases. Instead, be as organized as possible with special consideration taken to easing your customers into the changes.

With inflation on the rise and the price of gas and raw materials fluctuating daily, prices aren’t about to go back down anytime soon. It’s time now to begin the aggressive approach by incorporating frequent price increases at smaller percentages. You’ll find the transition will go more smoothly if, rather than increasing pricing by 20% to your customers in a single day, you take a strategic approach with 5% increases weekly over the course of a month to get to that final number. When all the other store owners increased by 20% overnight, you’ll still be 15% less expensive (even if just for a week) then all the other game in town. Sure, you will catch up to the total price in a relatively short period of time, but the transition for your customer will be less dramatic. Customers are more willing to accept smaller-sized, incremental price increases than they are to swallow the entire jump all at once.

We’ll revisit this topic again in an upcoming blog. Happy selling!


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